Diary of a mad black man !!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

   This is my 1st blog, and I wanna take the opportunity to make it known to anyone out there who checks it out that I intend to have some real fun with it!
I have always liked technology and am interested in technology that enchaces ones life experiences.
   I will be looking to experience real-time audio, video, and image blogging to keep an online diary of my life as interesting as best I can...I'm m kinda late to this blogging business, but I hope to use this as a way to appreciate my experiences and help other do so to.

Until later !


   Though my finanaces are limited, I try to get as much as I can out of my personal education experience by using online tutorials, web based technology how-to's, easy software and design application how-to's , video tutorials, etc to create my own classroom, so to speak.
   The idea is to prepare myself for better opportunities by learning better job skills.


   I'm essentially a jersey dude who likes to hang out now and then. When I'm on a day off from work, I like to do not much of anything except enjoy the day as it comes. I always set goals and purposes for the day so's I don't waste much time, but I'm adventurous and like to be suprised.
Life can be good , despite circumstance, if you work hard at being happy.
   I TRY.


   One of my favorite activities is to surf for sites and info that can be used to enchance the blog experience. I like the idea that one can create a multimedia diary online, share it and meet someone in the process.

   I spend more time in front of a PC than I ever thought I ever would but I wanna mingle and meet as well. See things, experience, etc. For instance, here's me at the DIGITALLIFE EXPO in nyc. HAD FUN !!

Welcome all you YOUTUBE-ers !!!

   This is me " introducing " myself, if you may, to those on YOUTUBE....I'm really exited about all the possibilities of online self-promotion.
    I want to use social networks, webcasting, podcasting, blogs, photo & video sharing, twitter, bookmarking, webinars, video conferencing, social broadcasting ( ala Ustream ), and Mo-blogs (ala qik ) to promote and engage...
   Just gettin' started, y'all ..!!!


   One of my favorite things to do is to go to comic book/video expos in the NYC area. I get off on the childlike enthusiasm of the people who go to those things.

    I had always wanted to start a black-themed collection of old films, music performances, television shows, etc, and was always interested in the old 60's and 50's tv.

    I went to a comic book expo just outta curiosity and was suprised that there was a whole culture of people who collect pop culture artifacts.
   The videos got me. Never a comic book enthusiast as some of my friends were, I purchased some old 60's tv show videos and enjoyed it so much that I go to em' on a regular. I consider myself a bit of a collector now.
    It's fun going to em'. I always like to see what "celebrities" show up at these things, (usually old tv show stars like the cast members of star trek, old wresters, superhero show stars, old western and tv heroes, etc) and it's actually fun to get to meet the people you were entertained by as a kid, and to get to tell em' how much you appreciated it. Usually they are pleasant enough. You get mostly adults (mostly men) at these nostalgia shows who share old childhood memories and I find it kinda cool.
    Here's me with a dvd of THE GREEN HORNET tv series with BRUCE LEE AS KATO from 1966. HAD FUN !!


   Since I've been studying social media promotion I've discovered lots of cool ways to upload photos, audio, video, etc and I intend to use 'em to make life more interesting. The idea of starting a social networlking site has crossed my mind, and I've become interested in an online store idea.
   As soon as I'm able, I'm gonna start my own web based business using the skills and tricks I've learned while education myself.